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ROMPEV is a global all-in-one emerging tech consultant company providing advanced applied data science and engineering services to the mining industry. At ROMPEV we are more than consultants. We are data scientists, engineers, software and algorithm engineers, economic and finance specialists, metal market analysts, mathematicians, statisticians, and risk analysts, focused on solving complex problems arising in the mining industry.

Established in 2010, ROMPEV’s unique approach helps mining organisations assess how to maximise their performance, and works with its clients to achieve their vision. At ROMPEV we think that complex problems have easy and practical solutions, so finding, developing and implementing these solutions is a challenge. We assess, develop and implement technology to improve our clients’ productivity and efficiency – and may run parts of their business. Ultimately, we enable our clients to become high-performance businesses and governments. In this context, keeping at the forefront of technology, ROMPEV, together with its clients, is able to develop managerial and operational strategies to extract additional value in their projects by minimising risks while maximising upside opportunities.

ROMPEV aims to provide the mining industry with a far greater understanding of the key value drivers, risks and options inherent in mine projects. With a greater appreciation of these and committed to providing the highest level of client engagement, ROMPEV‘s expertise and experience in advanced optimisation, evaluation, risk analysis and decision making based on real options applications provides not only the best technical outcome but also a distinctive data analytics, consulting and software technology advantage.

ROMPEV PDF Brochure ROMPEV‘s current PDF brochure is here.
please download, view and print it if you wish to find out more details about ROMPEV ROMPEV‘s activities and goals.

ROMPEV ouTube Channel We have also prepared and published on ROMPEV ’s YouTube channel a video presentation discussing the views of ROMPEV regarding the management of uncertainty in mining. Please view it here and feel free to comment.