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Corporate Profile

ROMPEV PTY LTD is a global firm & specialised in state-of-the-art decision making and risk analysis techniques to facilitate mineral project evaluation.

ROMPEV can provide services related to mining consulting, software development, R&D and training.

Given the mining industry’s increasing focus on risk, advanced financial and decision making based on the real options analysis have come to the forefront of mineral asset evaluation.

In this context, ROMPEV uses advanced decision making process based on the real options approach as a complementary technique to the discounted cash flow to provide for additional project value to be realised by accounting for operational and managerial flexibility in the face of uncertain events.

ROMPEV PTY LTD aims to provide the mining industry with a far greater understanding of the key value drivers, risks and optionalities inherent in mine projects.

With a greater appreciation of these and keeping at the forefront of technology, ROMPEV . together with its clients, is able to develop managerial and operational strategies to extract additional value in their projects by minimising downside risks while maximising upside opportunities.

Committed to providing the highest level of client engagement, ROMPEV ‘s expertise and experience in advanced optimisation, evaluation, risk analysis and decision making based real options applications provides not only the best technical outcome but also a distinctive consulting advantage.

ROMPEV PDF Brochure ROMPEV‘s current PDF brochure is here.
please download, view and print it if you wish to find out more details about ROMPEV ROMPEV‘s activities and goals.

ROMPEV ouTube Channel We have also prepared and published on ROMPEV ’s YouTube channel a video presentation discussing the views of ROMPEV regarding the management of uncertainty in mining. Please view it here and feel free to comment.