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News & Events

• Dr. Luis Martinez (ROMPEV’s Manager Director) will run a 3 days training course on “Mine Planning, Project Evaluation and Risk Management” in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  8-10 June, 2015

• Dr. Luis Martinez (ROMPEV’s Manager Director) presented a 2 days training course on “Open Pit Mining Strategies” in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  24-25 March, 2015

• Dr. Luis Martinez (ROMPEV’s Manager Director) has visited Toquepala mine in Peru.

• Dr. Luis Martinez (ROMPEV’s Manager Director) presented a paper on “Sustainable Long Term Production Scheduling Based on Metal Grade Uncertainty” at the first International Conference on Minerals in Circular Economy in Helsinki, Finland
  November 26-27, 2014

• Dr. Luis Martinez (ROMPEV’s Manager Director) has run between November 5th to 7th a 3 day workshop/course titled “Enhancing Value and Elevating Mine Productivity through Comprehensive Risk Analysis Techniques” in Johannesburg, South Africa
   October 10, 2014

• Between 1 and 3 of October Dr. Luis Martinez (ROMPEV’s Manager Director) has run a 3 day workshop/course titled “Taller de Evaluacion Estrategica Y Gestion de Riesgos de Proyectos y Planes Minero” in Santiago de Chile.
   July 31, 2014

A short video presentation of the event scope is available here.
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• ROMPEV released a presentation showing how mine projects can increase in value by leveraging uncertainty
   July 1, 2014

Uncertainty is always present in a mining venture. This is because the value of a mine project is typically influenced by many underlying economic and physical uncertainties. However, uncertainty is a double edged sword; it brings both risk for losses and potential for larger than expected returns. If uncertainty is managed appropriately, these higher returns can be realised. This is done by establishing optimal operational and managerial strategies over time to maximise value. These provide a roadmap for how the project should react to positive or negative future events. The result is an increase in the average project value.

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• ROMPEV Announce Collaboration Agreement with CSG Exploration
   April 8, 2014

ROMPEV and CSG Exploration (Indonesia) have signed a collaboration agreement to introduce and support ROMPEV’s advanced strategic risk management and mine planning process into the Asia Pacific mining market.
CSG Exploration and Production Services Indonesia is an Australian based consulting company offering a broad range of Coal Seam Gas (CSG), Coal Exploration and Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) services, including Exploration, Project Management and Production Services to the energy industry.

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• Open Pit Mining Strategies – Manila, Philippine
   March 18/19, 2014

Dr. Luis Martinez has finished a very successful 2 day technical Workshop/Course, Titled “Open Pit Mining Strategies” in Manila – Philippine, run in collaboration with Trueventu

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