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Resource Data Analytics

Resource Data Analytics

When exploring for new mineral deposits, or when evaluating and existing one, the quantification of the available resources is key factor for investment decision making.
It is more than number crunching since it is an activity that permeates all stages of the evaluation process.
Resource Data Analytics is the science used for analysing and examining geological data with the purpose of drawing final conclusions about the characteristics of the deposit under study.

At ROMPEV we apply advanced resource data analytics with the purpose of drawing final conclusions about the mineral resource characteristics such as the quantity and quality of the expected final product that will be extracted and sold in the market.
ROMPEV solutions for resource data analytics include:

  • Accessing the different sources of geological data
  • Exploring and understanding the data through explanatory 3D and 2D charts
  • Interpreting and modelling the data information considering all spatial patterns/trends in order to generate inference at un-sampled locations
  • Discover results about the geological features of the deposits as well as the available mineral (metal and non-metal) resources and reserves
  • Communicate and share the benefits and final results with other stake holders throughout easy to understand reports and technical/economic charts.

ROMPEV also provides the industry with an advanced process for Mineral Prospecting and Mineral Exploration