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Technical Area

We aim to build the future for the mining and natural resource industry 

“Do cool and insane things that matter!” 

The purpose of this technical area is the transfer of knowledge of advanced engineering and financial techniques, processes and tools, such as real options, stochastic processes based Monte Carlo simulation and dynamic programming, to the natural resource industry – with focus on mining industry. 
This area contains technical papers, technical presentations, notes and discussions about the services ROMPEV provides to the industry, and will have a links to the LinkedIn discussion group “Real Options In Mine Project Evaluation”. 
The topics will be related to corporate finance (capital budgeting) and the general theory of investment decision under uncertainty, and particularly in mining E&P (exploration and production) investment.
This site may be useful to corporate managers and financial and engineering professionals working with mining projects and mining investment decisions, such as feasibility studies and mine project evaluation in the face of uncertainty. 
Feel free to contact us if you would like to contribute with this area either with a paper or technical presentation (or both) that we will be happy to talk.